Union Guitars & Amplifiers provide in-service inspection and electrical safety testing and tagging of cables and appliances to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2022.  We can replace damaged plugs, repair appliances and cables, as well as providing a range of new cables.

Why Test and Tag?   

Electrical safety is vital.  No worker should ever be killed or injured in the workplace!  Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe in the workplace, therefore they must ensure that electrical appliances and cables are safe for use.

How is this done?

An appliance or cable is only deemed fit for safe use if it has been tested, found safe and tagged accordingly.  Our qualified testers use their expertise and specialised testing device to examine the physical and electrical integrity of cables, RCD's and appliances.  If the item passes inspection and testing it will have a tag applied to it that indicates this.  The tag contains details of the testing service and date for next testing.  (It may also have other important information.)


Retesting is required at regular intervals determined by the type of environment that the item is used in.


The cost of this service is not high.  Generally, it costs only a few dollars per item to be tested.  Package deals and bulk discounts can be arranged.  It is not a huge cost when compared to the potential costs of litigation if an employer fails to meet their OH&WS obligations.


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