Darlington 45

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Named after the beautiful Perth suburb where I was living when I first conceived it's design the Darlington 45 is a growling, snarling 45Watt beast that can tame any hot-rodded British moggie.

With 2 x EL34's under the hood it is made simple and practical for gigging a wide variety of styles. The Darlington has a dual channel set-up with a master volume and gain control on each channel. No clean or dirty channels here! They can both be dirty, or both be clean - just juggle the gain and volume until you find the sound you crave and use the footswitch to change between.

Use one channel for lead and one for rhythm if you wish...endless possibilities.

Team up with a custom 2 x 12" cabinet for a huge sound that won't break your back.  Recommended speakers are - Eminence Texas Heat + Eminence Swamp Thang, 2 x Celestion G12H30 or 2 x Eminence EJ1250.










The new edition Darlington 45 has beefed up transformers and filter sections, a more compact design with a lighter cabinet and cleaner front panel layout.  It has an improved internal layout with full turret-board construction and retains the switchable rectifier, giving the option of vintage tube rectification for sag and bloom or silicon for tight bottom end.

This original prototype version sports a switchable slicon/tube rectifier, switchable cathode bias, and switchable pentode/triode modes!