Check out some of our awesome vintage-style FX pedals below!  All our FX pedals have true-bypass, LED indicators, "Switchcraft" jacks and quality "Cliff" footswitches.  They also use the 2.1mm negative centre-pin power connector like most other FX pedals on the market. (ie BOSS compatible)

We are now taking orders but please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery - deposit of 50% required.
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Gerbil - $239 inc gst          

The Gerbil is a clone of the famous RAT pedal.  It uses a great sounding Op Amp chip (an OP07 - a dead-ringer, tonally, for the original LM308) to achieve a flawless reproduction of the sound that made the first edition RAT one of the best overdrives EVER.  Unlike the original, our version is in a very compact enclosure so that it will easily fit into any pedal board.


Hear a demo of the Gerbil pedal

Trembler - $xxx inc gst          

The Trembler is a tremolo pedal based on the famous EA magazine design from the mid 60's - a timeless and organic sounding tremolo circuit.  The Trembler Plus is TRULY two pedals in one as it uses a second footswitch (and its own volume control) to activate the booster stage of the circuit.  So now you have a really authentic, pulsating, classic tremolo AND a booster/overdrive all in one pedal.


Hear a demo of the Trembler pedal


UNO Booster Overdrive -  $xxx inc gst

I named this pedal the UNO because it was the first FX pedal circuit I ever put together - it has been a favourite ever since.  The UNO is a Booster Overdrive with a very modest amount of smooth, warm tube-like overdrive.  It gives a huge volume boost (so it's great for soloing) and it is quite responsive to pick attack. Very tube-like in that it responds exceptionally well to volume changes from the guitar end (ie roll back your guitar volume and the "dirt" cleans right up).