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The story of Union Guitars & Amplifiers begins in 2004. 

Around this time I was looking for someone reliable to service my 70's silverface Fender Deluxe Reverb.  At this time there was no-one particularly noteworthy capable of doing reliable work of this kind.  I asked around my friends and guitarists in the industry and they all agreed that it was slim pickings out there for good amp tech's.  Begrudgingly, one of them gave a half-hearted recommendation of the "best of a bad lot".  As it was vital for me to have this amp repaired I had no option but to test him out.  Suffice to say that the work was technically satisfactory (ie the amp worked "correctly" after repair) but this tech offered little real expertise or advice for improving the lacklustre sound of this amp.  I had heard many silverface Del Rev's sound amazing - so I knew there was potential there to be unlocked.

With a background in electronics (10 years in telecommunications and an Electronic Engineering Dip !) I had to say to myself "Davey - the time has come to get off your butt and do it yourself!"  - A turning point I have found myself at so many times before   

At this same time I was having my guitars serviced by one of the guitar tech's in town.  He did great quality work, but boy did he charge the earth for it!  So, off I went on a journey of exhaustive research to learn the in's and out's of tube amplifier circuits and the sacred geometry of guitar construction.  Thousands of hours of learning and building and experimenting resulted in me turning what probably should have been a hobby or pet interest into a fully fledged business in 2007.

Union Guitars And Amplifiers was born.

Since then I have tried to fill a gap in the marketplace for quality repair work and new builds based around the needs of real players.  With more than 30 years as a professional musician (and still gigging 4 shows a week!) I believe I can offer a musical perspective that many tech's lack.

Tone is king.......but players need gear to be practical to use, too.

I also try to provide these services at a fair price. 

Give us a try and see what you think.


Dave Fyffe

Owner, Manager, Amp & Guitar Tech and
Chief Coffee Maker

Union Guitars & Amplifiers - Perth, Western Australia

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