Here are some of the boutique and custom amplifiers we produce, all of which come with a 10 year warranty.

Giant Killer

$1,890    inc GST

The Giant Killer is a 22W head with 2 x 6V6 power tubes for that bright glassy tone and a silicon rectifier for tight bottom end.  The 3 x 12ax7 pre-amp section is specially designed to give a huge, wide open sound with the full frequency range represented.

It's tone and volume controls are minimalist to allow you to drive it from your guitar controls in true vintage amp style.  Turn it up a little and it starts to break up nicely, roll back your guitar volume or ease up on your pick attack and it cleans right up again.  Want a little more grit?  Dial in a bit more mid and you're good.

Like a classic sports car...Easy to drive, the performance is breathtaking and when you put your foot down it's LOUDER THAN A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST.  It will truly eat most 50W amps for breakfast!!!




Darlington 45

$2,590      inc GST

Named after the beautiful Perth suburb where I was living when I first conceived its design, the Darlington 45 is a growling, snarling 45 watt beast that can rival any hot-rodded British moggie.

Using your preference of EL34's, 6CA7's, 6L6's or KT66's under the hood, it is simple and practical for gigging a wide variety of styles and tones.  The D45 has a dual channel set-up with a master volume and gain control on each channel.  No clean or dirty channels here!  They can both be dirty, or both be clean - just juggle the gain and volume until you find the sound you crave and use the foot-switch to change between.

Use one channel for lead and one for rhythm if you wish...endless possibilities.

The Mark II edition sports a switchable silicon/tube rectifier for that natural tube compression and sag.


V6 Special

$1,890       inc GST  (unloaded - select your favourite speaker) 

The V6 Special is a compact 15w tube amplifier combo that perfectly fills the middle ground between the "dirty" tweed amps and the sparkling cleans of the Blackface era.  It uses 2 x 6V6's in its output stage, has a Volume, Tone and very organic Master Volume, a tube rectifier, and a single 12" speaker in the cab.


$990      inc GST

This little guy punches above its class.  And, speaking of classes it runs in Class A for that sweet, chimey growl.  This revisiting of the stellar "tweed" era of tube amps is single ended and can produce anything from 6 watts to 12 watts, depending on tube selection.  It will run virtually any 6v octal-based power tube, and you can run almost any 5v rectifier tube, to get more or less compression.  No tone controls, just a single volume control, makes you feel like the amp is an extension of your guitar.  An 8" Weber alnico speaker in the cab completes the design.  (A 10" version is available for an upcharge - call for a quote.)