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You will ALWAYS play better when you sound better - and you will always sound better when you're playing better.

Duh?!? Seems kinda daft doesn't it? But wait a minute...

How many times have you managed to pull a good sound by accident and then played scorchingly well that night? I'm guessing at least a few times for all of us. In my experience it starts with the tone...if every note you play sounds toneful and rich you will want to play more and be inspired to play better.

Suddenly you are on the upward journey towards expressive, soulful, heart-filled playing. A kind of connection occurs from your soul to the notes and the guitar/pedals/rig becomes transparent and you can "speak" from the heart to the hearts of your listeners. This is the art of great guitar playing. (It's the same reason a great violinist will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Stradivarius!)

A properly set up guitar and correctly adjusted amplifier are the first and most crucial steps in achieving this goal. I have seen many players with quality gear playing poorly with lacklustre tone just for the lack of proper set up, adjustment and maintenance.

At Union Guitars we can set you on the fast track to better tone and better playing.









Set-ups, repairs, modifications are available on all makes and models of acoustic, electric and bass guitars, and all makes of tube amplifiers.

We do -





  • Set-ups and adjustments
  • Custom modifications and hot rodding
  • Pickup installations
  • Rewiring
  • Lacquer repair and resprays
  • Crack repairs
  • Broken headstock repairs
  • Tuner installation
  • Bridge and saddle replacement
  • Nut replacement
  • Restrings and adjustments
  • Re-tubing
  • Bias adjustments
  • Cap jobs
  • Stainless Steel re-frets

And that's just the start.  We also supply a huge range of quality parts, tubes, strings and accessories at competitve prices.